Raw Sulphur
Raw Sulphur
Raw Sulphur
Raw Sulphur

Raw Sulphur

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  • negatively electrified healing crystal; it absorbs all types of negativity and helps us to progress
  • Should not be placed in water
  • Brings understanding, happiness, & creativity
  • Helps to advance our psychic abilities, and blocks distracting thoughts allow us to use our reasoning without interference
  • Aids imagination
  • Instills confidence, and brings inspiration
  • It also stimulates mental clarity, focus and analysis
  • Strengthens our willpower, charisma and vitality
  • Has been used for the treatment of exhaustion, infection, fever & to reduce swelling and tissue growths
  • Also aids with joint pain and the swelling of arthritis assists in the treatment of cysts and haemorrhoids, also aids the sinuses, depression, insomnia and the liver


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