Strawberry Quartz tower ~2

Strawberry Quartz tower ~2

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Strawberry Quartz

  • Strawberry Quartz carries all the energies of a Clear Quartz, with the additional vibrations of universal love, understanding of your reason in this world
  • This crystal has the ability to amplify your intentions of love, appreciation, and generosity. It can also radiate these energies outward and influence your environment and the people around you
  • It will bring your subtle energy body, your emotions, and your psyche into balance
  • It’s an important tool for when you want to start anew or get back on your spiritual path
  • It will inspire you to live joyfully and purposefully in the moment
  • Encourage you to see the humor in all situations despite the challenges, sadness, and disappointments
  • Can reduce the restrictions that you put on yourself, it  will help you eliminate your outdated beliefs and unnecessary emotions
  • Whenever you feel confused and don’t know how to proceed, you can simply connect with this crystal
  • The energies of Strawberry Quartz resonate with the heart chakra. It will unlock, activate, and stimulate this chakra so that you will enjoy a more heart-centred awareness


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