Tiger Eye Palm Stone

Tiger Eye Palm Stone

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Tiger Eye

  • Combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun creating a high vibrational stone for grounding
  • Treats the eyes & helps with night vision
  • Heals issues of self-worth
  • Third eye charka
  • Grounds people who are spaced out & can’t commit
  • Helpful in resolving conflicts, internal & external
  • Supports addictive personalities to make changes
  • Alleviates depression & lifts moods
  • Helps you to see what it is you really need not what you want
  • Treats eyes, throat & reproductive organs
  • Helpful for repairing broken bones
  • Energy cleanser & immune simulator for acute infections
  • revitalizes & re-energizes when body& mind are exhausted


They say the crystal chooses you — Trust our team to intuitively choose the right crystal best suited for its new home.

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