Hemp Shack

Our hemp species has been chosen with great care for taste, nutrition and quality. Hemp Shack's 100% Pure Indigestible Hemp Seed Oil is sourced from Australia.

Our ideal climate in Australia with just the correct balance of seasonal temperature produces optimal crops and accounts for our phenomenal quality. What is even more reassuring is our Hemp Shack products are grown under strict conditions in a certified organic, high tech processing facility which is accredited by food certification authorities.

Produce testing is carried out by Australian approved Laboratories that meet the strict BICON Australia standards. We offer your family the very best quality.

Hemp Seeds and their oils are packed with Omegas 3,6 and 9.  They are known for improving heart health, supporting mental health, reducing weight and waist size, decreasing liver fat, supporting infant brain development, fighting inflammation, assistance with skin conditions & bone health.