Equanimity spray

Equanimity spray

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An ethereal perfume cologne spray.

Equanimity prevails when we see the true nature of things with an open heart and an open mind.

A natural perfume containing only botanical ingredients, including pure plant essential oils.

Scent Inspiration: Breathe in this botanical perfume to protect yourself from conflict and aggression. Enhances clear intention to cleanse negativity in the home or workspace, embuing calmness and equanimity. Improves the quality of relationships, fostering loving acceptance. A meaningful way to create a happier, more congenial space.

Scent story: When you spray equanimity you feel something happen, something shifts. This is not a shy scent, and announces itself boldly with sweeping citrus notes of mandarin and orange crowned by fascinating litsea cubeba, the citrus-smelling pepper. Litsea is a curious smell that is overt in its entry yet as it matures it mellows to something more ripe and fruity that very comfortably sits on our smell palate; it basks in our consciousness cavorting with friendly frankincense, its more balsamic offsider before it joins forces with the baser depths of sandalwood. Equanimity is a shape-shifting scent, that prompts you to step back from yourself and regroup your spiritual priorities.

Ingredients: unconditional love and intention, sandalwood hydrosol, pure essential oils (mandarin, orange, sandalwood, litsea cubeba, frankincense), certified organic botanical undenatured ethanol, rose quartz gem infused purified water, solubiliser (vegetable source), benzoin gum. Packaging: reusable blue glass bottle.

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