Aromatherapy compendium

Aromatherapy compendium

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An expansive and holistic exploration into the nature of essential oils

298 pages of information in a beautifully illustrated A4 book.

Tinderbox celebrates the versatility, potency and extraordinary capacity of essential oils with this motivating prompt to explore the world of pure plant aroma and how it expands our world view.
Gleaned from a broad spectrum of essential oil sources and distilled from decades of first-hand experience, this compendium offers a comprehensive gathering of fascinating and useful information designed for those already empowered with a curiosity to learn more about nature’s aromatic treasures.

Topics include:
- What is an essential oil?
- 66 in-depth Essential Oil profiles
- How essential oils are extracted
- The chemistry behind essential oils
- Using oils around the home
- Diffusing essential oils
- Using essential oils as pest repellents
- Aroma actions on the body systems
- Inflammation: turning down the heat
- Aromatic Compresses
- Aphrodisiacs
- What is an absolute?
- Oils for respiration
- Citrus Oils
- What is a hydrosol?
- Ingesting essential oils
- Incense
- Yoga and Essential oils
- Oils for the nervous system
- Aromatherapy for Children
- Essential oils and the Chakras
- Rubefacients
- Aromatherapy for Dogs
- Activating the mind
- Carrier oils
- Essential oils during pregnancy and beyond

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