Beard oil

Beard oil

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This pure plant facial treatment enhances beard health and offers serious hydration with an appealing, masculine scent. A useful grooming tool that renders skin supple and maintains a flake-free, touchable beard.

Beard oil acts as a moisturiser that goes straight to the hair follicle and prevents hair from growing brittle, especially in harsh weather conditions that cause the beard hairs to wick natural moisture away from the skin, leaving the beard dry, flaky and unappealing.

Jojoba oil, used by Native Americans, is the star ingredient that has the consistency and character of the skins own sebum; it is nontoxic, hypoallergenic and enhances the beard’s natural oils.

This blend is not only suitable for full bearded men, but also those with a few days growth will also benefit from its intensive care.

The beard’s close proximity to the nose means that you too can enjoy the uplifting, sensual scent as well as those close to you. No need for an aftershave or cologne as the gorgeous masculine scent allures and endures, without overwhelming.

Simply apply this blend to clean, dry skin and massage thoroughly into the beard area, rubbing into hair. This blend is not restricted to being a beard oil - those who prefer to use an oil while shaving will benefit from using this product.

Contains: cold-pressed kendi, jojoba and hazelnut oils, evening primrose oil, pure essential oils (grapefruit, amyris, black pepper, ylang ylang, cypress, palo santo, basil, coriander, juniper, buddha wood, ginger), vitamin E. Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.

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