Brass Candle Incensor

Brass Candle Incensor

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This incensor is an efficient and effective way to burn natural powdered incense.

The expression of human spirituality has almost always been accompanied by the sacred act of burning fragrant plant matter.

The ritual, with its consciousness-raising smell, represents transcendence - the intrinsic impulse of the evolving human consciousness.

This solid brass incense burner features an adjustable height control and a removable dish. Please note tea candle not included.

Tinderbox Pure Plant Incense

The earnest seeker will always choose a good quality incense. The best incense to use is raw, loose powder consisting of ground herbs, resins, gums, spices and essential oils.

The Tinderbox apothecary creates four types of pure plant powdered incense:

Aphrodisi • Holy • Shape Shifter • Wild Heart

Also Available: Herbal Sacred Smudge Stick, Ritual Brass Incensor

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