Calm Kinesis pack

Calm Kinesis pack

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Restore harmony when there is imbalance

The mind needs stillness and the body needs movement. These two innately human attributes of body and mind are the twin polarities that we all require at different times in our lives. Keep close for personal use; take a deep whiff to embrace the state of being that will restore wellbeing. Natural and pure essential oils to energise or calm the body and mind.

This kit contains 1 x 15mL Serenity and 1 x 15mL Energiser and an absorbant lava bracelet. Add a few drops of Serenity or Energiser blend onto the bracelet, then keep close to breathe in the aroma. Place the lava bracelet in the corner of your yoga mat or on the bedside table next to you - wherever and whenever you need it.

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