Cedarwood Virginiana Essential Oil 15mL

Cedarwood Virginiana Essential Oil 15mL

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Cedrus virginiana

Virginian Cedarwood is also known as red cedar or Eastern red cedar and the essential oil is actually from a Juniper - Juniperus virginiana that belongs to the Cupressaceae plant family. The aroma however, is quintessentially that of Cedar - smooth and woody - which is why it is commonly referred to as Cedrus virginiana. It is native to the eastern United States and adjacent Canada and its essential oil is only produced in the United States. The Virginian cedar tree is a slow growing evergreen that can reach a height anywhere between 10 to 20 metres and displays a narrow conical habit.

The scent of Virginian cedarwood has very good tenacity and can thus be used as a perfume fixative. The oil is pale yellow or orange in colour.

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