Clove Cleaner

Clove Cleaner

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New glass bottle - Biodegradable and safe formula

with clove essential oil
Enlivening pure plant aroma pleases your nose, health and home. Bring a certain pleasure to cleaning jobs that previously did not exist. Use this natural, non-toxic, mould-inhibiting and anti-bacterial concentrate to clean and deodorise surfaces of dirt and grime. Biodegradable and safe for septic and grey-water systems. Now in a glass bottle it's even better for your home and the environment.

Recommended uses: Dilute 100ml of concentrate with water to fill a 500mL spray bottle to clean surfaces (shake before use); or a splash to mop water. Always test surface integrity and don't forget to rinse or wipe surface after application. Keep out of reach of children. 250mL concentrate makes 1.25L surface spray.

Ingredients: White wine vinegar, essential oils: (lemon, lime, grapefruit, pine, mandarin, clove, eucalyptus, thyme), botanical undenatured ethanol, solubiliser (vegetable derived). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle with child-proof cap.

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