Crescent Moon Towers
Crescent Moon Towers
Crescent Moon Towers
Crescent Moon Towers
Crescent Moon Towers

Crescent Moon Towers

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  •  Infuses the physical body with vitality and youthfulness
  • used for calming and stabilizing the nervous system
  • helps lower blood pressure
  • enhances soul journeying though multi-dimensions 
  • helpful for past life regression 
  • can cancel spells and repel negative energy
  • helps you be the best you can be
  • assists in seeing behind the facade that people present 
  • if you want to know the true desires and agendas of yourself/others keep the stone in your pocket



  • Soothing and Calming
  • Reduces Stress
  • boost creativity
  • absorbs anger and negative energy
  • Encourage emotional expression and assist in the  elimination of pain, stress, anger or pain
  • All 7 Chakras


Red Vein Jasper aka Network Jasper

  • Red Jasper stone is a gentle, nurturing grounding stone that promotes balance and stability
  • Red Vein Jasper is a gentle, nurturing grounding stone that promotes balance and stability
  • It is ideal for encouraging tranquility, emotional support, and calmness of mind


 Kiwi Jasper

  • A very nurturing stone that supports us during times of stress
  • Its energy helps us feel more relaxed and tranquil
  • Kiwi Jasper’s unique composition has an alter ego that is also very uplifting



  • Stabilizes mood swings
  • boosts self esteem
  • improves self-worth and confidence
  • Emotional balance highly energetic stone
  • Success in business


They say the crystal chooses you — Trust our team to intuitively choose the right crystal best suited for its new home.

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