Deodorant - Dawn

Deodorant - Dawn

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Gentle botanical protection

A very natural and friendly blend of pure plant oils to prevent unpleasant body odours without inhibiting perspiration. The gentle botanical action does not inhibit this vital function of the skin, because perspiration is an important system of elimination and blocking sweat glands with substances such as aluminium is harmful. Here is a wholesome deodorant that helps stop the bacteria decomposing and creating unwanted smells. Suitable for every body.

Ingredients: purified water, witchazel, botanical undenatured ethanol*, vegetable glycerine*, essential oils (geranium, petitgrain, litsea cubeba,  mandarin, vetivert, amyris, Australian sandalwood, ylang ylang, manuka), benzoin gum, xanthum gum. *certified organic. Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle and plastic roller ball. Formerly Deodorant Dawn (female image

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