Divine Practice Yogo Mat Cleaner

Divine Practice Yogo Mat Cleaner

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Cleans, purifies and deodorises

A practical pure plant cleaning spray for yoga and workout mats including gym equipment. Subtly scented with pure essential oils to uplift and rejuvenate the body, yet steady and focus the mind. A practical product that honours our yoga mat as sacred space, where we keep returning to our body and breath to cultivate exquisite awareness; it is our essential time-out from the fluctuations of everyday life.

Directions: Shake well before use. Spray directly onto mat/equipment and wipe with a damp cloth. Test in a discreet place before applications.

Contains pure plant ingredients: neroli hydrosol, purified water, certified organic undenatured botanical ethanol, citrine gem water, essential oils (balsam copaiba, geranium, tangerine, lime, frankincense, buddhawood, lavender, bergamot, biter orange, cypress, lemon tea tree, clove), solubiliser (vegetable source). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle and HDPE spray.

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