Essential oil companian

Essential oil companian

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Aromatherapy wisdom for the Spiritual Being being Human

In this little book we have extended the aromatic arena of aromatherapy to embrace the correlation between essential oils and the multi-layered human being, and to briefly include the esoteric paradigms of the chakras and astrology. Succinct profiles on more than 50 essential oils are laid out for ready access with unusual and unexpected uses for plant aroma also revealed.

We learn how aromatherapy can holistically heal the physical body, the mind and the psyche, with some spiritual succour to inspire us on our soul's journey toward Self-healing.

Chapters: The Essence of Aromatherapy; Aromatherapy and the Chakras; Astrology with Aroma; Essential Oils of Aromatherapy; Aroma to Elevate the Prosaic.

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