Everlasting Face Nectar

Everlasting Face Nectar

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Stellar, peerless protection from everlasting (helichrysum italicum) essential oil

Everlasting essential oil is the true star of this potent, regenerative facial treatment. This natural face serum penetrates surface layers of your epidermis and maintains moisture for a brighter, more radiant appearance and creates a protective barrier against harsh and deleterious external factors.

The oils chosen are rich in moisturising fatty acids, including omega-3, -6 and -9, which strengthen the skin’s lipid layer and help stabilise natural oil production. Encouraging a healthy oil environment gives you a glowing, hydrated complexion without the spots.

This potent and regenerative facial treatment oil delivers intense nutrients and anti-oxidants for an ultra-hydrating beauty ritual. Pure plant actives penetrate deep into the skin for a radiant, smooth complexion.

People with sensitive skin could find relief with Everlasting nectar and those with blemished or oily skin, who may shudder at the thought of putting oil on their face, will also benefit from the balancing action of plant-based oils which don’t tend to clog pores and cause breakouts.

If your skin is particularly dry, this rich oil blend is ideal. In cold winter months, for extra protection, try layering Everlasting Nectar underneath your regular moisturiser for an effective moisture-locking effect.

Since oils lack the water component of creams, it is best to apply them immediately after cleansing, while skin is still moist, so the oil can lock in the moisture.

Apply 4-5 drops of oil to clean, dry skin; massage thoroughly including the neck area.

Contains: organic cold-pressed rosehip oil, cold-pressed kendi oil, pure essential oils (everlasting helichrysum italicum, carrot seed, rose), vitamin E. Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.

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