Muscovite Tumble
Muscovite Tumble

Muscovite Tumble

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  • Commonest form of Mica
  • Mystical stone with a strong angelic contact, stimulating awarness of the higher self
  • Facilitates astra travel
  • Opens the intuition & psychic vision
  • Stimulates uncondiotional love & acceptance
  • Reflective stone allowing you to recognise the parts of yourself you do not recognise
  • Eliminates anger & nearvous stress
  • Releases tension within the body bringing about balance
  • Disperses insecurities self doubt & clumsiness
  • Assist in looking joyfully to the future
  • Imparts sheen to the hair & a sparkle to the eyes
  • Helps the body to achieve its most appropriate weight
  • Stimulates the Heart chakra

They say the crystal chooses you, trust our team to intuitively choose the crystal best suited for its new home.



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