Myrrh Tincture 30mL
Myrrh Tincture 30mL

Myrrh Tincture 30mL

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Myrrh tincture is a potent form of herbal extract made with botanical ethanol, which is the best way to draw out the antimicrobial actives. Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) has a remarkable affinity with the mucous membranes of the body and excels as cleansing, astringent mouthwash and throat relieving gargle. It serves well an effective wash for any irritated parts of the body that need extra strong attention.

Tinctures are often used on their own (diluted in water), which makes this also a very low-alcohol mouthwash (one dose contains as much alcohol as a single drop of vodka). Tinctures are also used as an ingredient in herbal products.

Directions: Add 6 drops of Myrrh Tincture to 20mL water and use as a gargle, mouthwash or douche.

Ingredients: Certified organic botanical undenatured ethanol, myrrh resin, myrrh essential oil. Packaging recyclable HD/LPDE (2/4) bottle with recyclable polypropylene (5) lid.

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