Pink Botswana Agate Tumbled

Pink Botswana Agate Tumbled

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Pink Botswana Agate 

  • Stimulates the crown chakra 
  • Transfers celestial and earth energy into bodies 
  • Harmonizes the physical energy 
  • Removes dualities/conflict and prevents out of body visitations 
  • Multi dimensional healing and soul work 
  • Cuts mental cords to guru from past lives and overcomes toxicity 
  • Returns any compulsive energy and releases emotional repression, encourages artistic expression 
  • Encourages looking for solutions rather then dwelling 
  • Shuts down destructive patterns and enhances cellular memory 
  • Helps depression, detoxification, fertility and the nervous system 

They say the crystal chooses you — Trust our team to intuitively choose the right crystal best suited for its new home.

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