Poppy Jasper Tumble
Poppy Jasper Tumble

Poppy Jasper Tumble

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Poppy Jasper

  • sometimes called the passion reviver
  • It is a passionate and powerful stone, calming emotions and instilling courage, determination, and motivation
  • Both gentle and fiery, It calms you when you are overstimulated and energizes you when fatigued
  • Promotes being organized and seeing projects through
  • Balances yin/yang energy and is thought to align the emotional, mental, and physical bodies with the etheric realm
  • Inspires an optimistic and joyful attitude and gives you the motivation to take action
  • Emotionally is a supportive stone during conflict, bringing problems to light before they become too big
  • Provides insights into difficult situations
  • It is sustaining and supportive during times of stress, bringing tranquility and wholeness, and calming the emotions
  • Assists in quick thinking
  • Stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action


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