Prosperity spray

Prosperity spray

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An ethereal perfume.

Scent Inspiration: This extraordinary pure plant perfume makes us feel truly blessed, because it reminds us that the treasure house of prosperity is actually within us. Prosperity, a psychotherapeutic smell, prompts us to live true to this principle in order extract from universal storehouse whatever we need to live abundantly and flourish. This is a very purposeful perfume to help us focus on the positive state of appreciation and gratitude; this means being grateful for what we already have. Anything is possible when we release grasping, and learn how to receive and feel deserved. Prosperity perfume reveals to us the spiritual cause and effect of abundance and magnifies the purity of our motive. We remember that the real measure of success isn’t simply what we acquire and achieve, but about who we become and how we evolve as a soul.

A natural perfume in cologne form containing only botanical ingredients, including pure plant essential oils and absolutes.

Scent Story: Dive into the mysterious depths of a rose and citrine jewelled ocean where hidden is an abundant treasure Source that promises the raw feeling and ideal of prosperity in the Self. Basking amongst this mermaid’s cherished cache; sandalwood, myrrh, Buddha wood and vetivert flourish, providing foundational inspiration for worldly ideas and spiritual wealth to unfold. Up rises, a rich, rousing coffee scent with confident notes of juniper berry, geranium absolute and ylang-ylang; ceremoniously accompanied by captivating cistus to catalyse our desires and mobilise our dreams into actuality. Intensifying our heart’s longing, jewel-like gossamer strands of luminous lemon tea tree, ruby grapefruit and mandarin, shimmer across a shifting odourscape like lighting up the sea to invite us within. Prosperity the perfume beckons us to look with grace into the deep pool of our subconscious where we might discover the mother lode of treasured dreams for our souls most prosperous future.

Ingredients: rose hydrosol, citrine gem infused water, pure essential oils & absolutes (geranium, buddha wood, juniper berry, mandarin, ruby grapefruit, vetivert, cistus, sandalwood, ylang  ylang, coffee, lemon tea tree, myrrh), solubiliser (vegetable source). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.

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