Rosemary Essential Oil 15ml

Rosemary Essential Oil 15ml

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Rosmarinus officinalis

It is not often that the common garden variety is the preferred species for aromatherapy, but the rosemary you find at home is the one used to extract the essential oil. The crispness and clarity of the herb’s scent translates to the essential oil, which is extracted from the blooming aerial parts of the plant. This is an all-round activator, energising the whole body and mind. Stimulates the mind and intellect to boost memory and allays melancholia. Prompts removal of toxins, improves flow in the body. Helps the body shed water and stagnancy. A healing and balancing oil. A tonic that helps cellular activity for the skin. Calms knots and sore spots in massage blends. Energises Qi energy of the heart.

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