Sacred Scent Anointing Oil

Sacred Scent Anointing Oil

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For rites of passage and ritualised blessings.

Bless the elements of this holy anointing oil and let your loving light consecrate them.
Bless this oil to represent the innate sweetness of compassion and healing.
Bless this oil to symbolise purification.
Bless this oil to represent the fragrance of prayer and gladness.
Bless this oil to signify surrender to the Divine.
Bless this oil to embody the outpouring of your grace.

This anointing oil is a fragrant blessing to mark the important transitions in the unfolding human life from birth to death. It sets them apart as unforgettable sacred moments that honour and awaken us to our divine nature.

We can smear anointing oil on our body or others, to clear negative thoughts or cleanse ourselves from self-destructive patterns, so we might realise our highest potential.

This is a natural perfume containing only botanical ingredients, including pure plant essential oils.

Ingredients: cold pressed organic jojoba oil, essential oils & absolutes (jasmine, rose, spikenard, buddha wood, lavender, bitter orange, chamomile, frankincense). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.

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