Scent Shifter Essential Oil Diffuser

Scent Shifter Essential Oil Diffuser

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Shift Scent - Shift State

Be the boss of your own moods

Shifter of Being: Promotes positivity, elevates mood, raises consciousness. Subtly, subliminally and silently shifts scent to exact the positive mind state that we seek.

An ultrasonic diffuser is a relatively modern device that uses high frequency ultrasonic technology to create movement and catalyse essential oil evaporation to permeate the environment for us to smell the aromatic molecules via our olfactory system.
Tinderbox has chosen this particular model because it is made from bamboo, a natural and sustainable product that is visually aesthetic and appealing to touch.

Scent Shifter operating features:

- real bamboo lid and outer casing
- subtle strip of mood light (rotating/fixed/off options)
- one hour, two hour timer
- continuous or intermittent diffusion
- ultrasonic, heat-free technology
- large, 150mL water reservoir for long sessions (up to 14 hours intermittent or seven hours of continuous run time)
- excellent coverage of 37 square meters
- quiet operation
- automatic switch-off when water goes below minimum level

Suitable for Tinderbox Pure Essential Oils and Pure Essential Oil Blends

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