Shiva Shell Fossil
Shiva Shell Fossil

Shiva Shell Fossil

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Shiva Shell/Shiva’s Eye

  • Shiva Shell (or Shiva’s Eye) is gently nurturing
  • Acting as a seed for future generations
  • Some believe that whispering wisdom into this shell passes that knowledge along to children yet to be born
  • It represents the flow of life, blending spiritual knowledge with visualization and helping one reach new levels of consciousness
  • Meditating on the line of this shell helps one journey towards inner inspiration, finding joy, spontaneity, and reinvention along the way
  • Shiva Shell gets its name from the Hindu God Shiva, the Lord who dances reality into existence
  • Some believe this shell has the power to ward off the Evil Eye
  • This shell comes from the Operculum Snail, which can be found on the coasts of India, Thailand, and Australia
  • Resonates with the third eye chakra
  • Folklore states that Shiva Shell can aid the kidneys, lymph nodes, and reproductive organs

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