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Rainbow Fluorite

  • Highly protective, Stabilizing, Harmonizing &Balancing
  • Spiritual energy, uplifting
  • Mentally soothing
  • Emotion equalizer
  • Protects and Stabilizes the aura
  • Bringing order to chaos
  • Great study buddy


Rose Quartz

  • Unconditional love and infinite peace
  • Deep inner healing and self love
  • Encourages self worth
  • Heart charka purifies the heart, calms and reassures
  • Attracts love to you and from you
  • Brings self-love and acceptance
  • Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache
  • Comforts grief
  • Encourages self forgiveness and trust
  • Heart circulation, kidneys, adrenals
  • Increases fertility
  • Soothes burns
  • Helpful in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s


Que Sera

  • Also known as Vulcanite
  • Powerful, synergistic combination with high yet deeply earthy vibrations
  • Contains quartz, feldspar, calcite, kaolinite, iron, magnetite, leucozone and clinozosite and carries those properties  even when not visible
  • Acts like a battery to activate your personal power
  • Creates an awesome power source for higher creativity and spiritual evolution
  • Helps to say no when people want more from you



  • Strong healing and cleansing powers
  • Helps to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds
  • Prepares the soul for intense transformation
  • Aids sleep
  • Dispels all negative emotions and brings positive responses
  • Cleanses blood, immune system, skin conditions, cellular disorders, fine tunes metabolism and endocrine system.
  • Stress relievers Balance and peace
  • Recurrent nightmares
  • Removes negative energies
  • Third eye, crown and higher crown charkas
  • The lavender oil of crystals
  • Helps reduce the pain of grief


Black Obsidian

  • Powerful cleanser
  • Protection
  • Shield against negativity
  • Grounds the soul
  • Self control
  • Magnifies all negative energy so that it can be fully experienced & released
  • Fertile energy for growth of the soul


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