Vetivert Essential Oil 15mL

Vetivert Essential Oil 15mL

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Vetiveria zizanioides / Chrysopogon zizanioides

Known as the Oil of Tranquility in the sub-continent, vetivert is known as a grounding and balancing oil. This is one of the thickest essential oils and it is extracted from the roots of this scented grass. While the plant is found in large quantities in the tropics, it does yield a low percentage of oil and older plants are sought to give a better quality oil. Vetivert makes an excellent fixative in perfumes because its molecules are large and less volatile, creating an enduring, rich and woody mood. Balances oil and dry skin; increases elasticity and replenishes mature skin. Soothes heat in aching joints. Repels termites and moths. Calms irritations and encourages cell growth. A non-toxic, balancing oil for women’s blends.

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