Wild Spirit Pure Plant Perfume

Wild Spirit Pure Plant Perfume

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Unusual, liberating and unafraid

Unleash the Wild Spirit of Nature within

Connect to the vast, boundlessness of our Spirit awake with this pure plant vegan solid perfume.

Wild Spirit perfume is disarmingly confident as it speaks to us through the immeasurable and subtle realm of feeling and asks us to act playfully in the world. Its hypnotic scent silently unfolds into our awareness like an aromatic declaration of freedom to soak our soul into the vast theatre of the absolute. When we surrender to the absolute, there is no space or time, no duality or law of relativity; everything that was, is or to be, exists as one undifferentiated Spirit. Yes such a smell of Nature can enable us to experience the myriad facets of the Divine when our entire spectrum of awareness, instinct, intellect and intuition become congruent with one another.

Indeed Wild Spirit is an uninhibited aroma to usher us into the un-colonised imagination of the authentic Self. We may merge with the invisible world as wholeheartedly as the visible when we reawaken the instinctual nature and act on what our body knows to be true. How light do we feel as falsities dissolve and we remember that we are a spirit in a body, not the body itself?

Close your eyes and breathe deeply the disembodiedness of this pure plant scent and feel the currents of Spirit run through your being. Let it bring you an enriched sense of wonder and joy so that you might experience the perfection of existence when Spirit dances with matter.

A curious curation of pure plant oils; lush, honeyed, animalic, verdant and piquant.

The aromatic secrets of this solid perfume are suspended in vegan candelilla plant wax only to be set free by the warm touch of human skin. 

Ingredients: cold-pressed sunflower oil, pure essential oils/absolutes (grapefruit, ylang ylang, amyris, buddha wood, pimento, lime, patchouli, tangerine, vetivert, sandalwood, coffee, jasmine, vanilla), candelilla wax, certified organic shea butter, labdanum resinoid, certified organic undenatured ethanol. Packaging: reusable bamboo pot.

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